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Admittedly, this year has probably been quite strange for everyone. As a freelancer I have found a great deal of my work completely dry up. It took a long time for any government support to be announced for the self-employed and staff employed on short-term contracts.

Whilst in lockdown, I spent time reading a great deal of books and studying things that interest me. I read books on mental models, productivity, learning. As well as books on computer science and photography.

I have discovered that the best way to learn anything is to drill down to the core concepts of…

When trying to tell a story through our photography, it helps to be able to invoke curiosity in our audience. This is the magic sauce that draws a viewer into an image and captures their attention.

We already understand that the only rule of photography is to go out and do it. But what methodology do we follow when we are out shooting? What techniques can we incorporate into our shooting to help us reach that goal?

This is a great thing to think about when shooting. By changing the way you think about your subject will naturally help you…

I have been spending a lot of time lately focusing on productivity and learning methods. A lot of this studying has revolved around my job and image creation, film or video.

I work with cameras as a technician as my primary way of earning money. Though, in my free time I like to practice photography as well as consume it.

My main photographic interests and inspiration lie in reportage and portraits. I love an image that tells a story. From wide angle shots with several layers of action. …

Streamlining the Future of Filmmaking

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused major consequences for the economies of many countries. In this article I wanted to focus on the effect the virus has had on the Film and TV industry. I will use the UK as a reference for my examples, but there is no reason why the ideas outlined in this article cannot be applied to any film set, or industry where communication and tight deadlines are key.

The UK lockdown saw a halt in all but a few of the TV productions in the UK. Many of the workforce were told to go home and…

H Colin

Freelancer. Film and technology enthusiast.

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