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Admittedly, this year has probably been quite strange for everyone. As a freelancer I have found a great deal of my work completely dry up. It took a long time for any government support to be announced for the self-employed and staff employed on short-term contracts.

Whilst in lockdown, I…

When trying to tell a story through our photography, it helps to be able to invoke curiosity in our audience. This is the magic sauce that draws a viewer into an image and captures their attention.

We already understand that the only rule of photography is to go out and…

I have been spending a lot of time lately focusing on productivity and learning methods. A lot of this studying has revolved around my job and image creation, film or video.

I work with cameras as a technician as my primary way of earning money. …

Streamlining the Future of Filmmaking

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused major consequences for the economies of many countries. In this article I wanted to focus on the effect the virus has had on the Film and TV industry. …

H Colin

Freelancer. Film and technology enthusiast.

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